Videos like these make me sad, he’s saying stop and people just keep mobbing them (video cred to @idolised)

This makes me sad. People are literally 5 years old they are grown men show them some respect he doesn’t want you to grab his hair or touch him he isn’t making music to be mauled like this he’s making music to make us all happy and we fucking jam our phones up his nose and girls flash them their tits after he sings songs the he’s written out of complete sadness, we need to show him and the whole band more respect, ya it’s ok to think they are hot because they are handsome men, but he’s a human too and he did not make this band for us to treat them like fucking one direction cause that’s the last thing they are. This band has helped me through some of the toughest things in my life, and I respect them so much, and knowing that I may not get to meet them one day ,and tell them how truly talented they are and the things they have done for me, due to all these screaming girls that grab at him, really let’s me down. If we keep treating them like animals they aren’t going to want to meet their fans anymore.

This is so sad to watch